To be, or not to be.... Natural, that is.......

To be, or not to be.... Natural, that is.......

If it was absolutely necessary for you to go Natural, would You?

Relaxers are not relaxing, and bonding glue is allergic 'bondage'

What do you do????!!!!


For more than 30 years, I had my hair relaxed only to be told that I had to keep getting the relaxers if I didn't want 'coarse and nappy' hair, even though I would have horrendous flaky burn patches afterwards... wow... the humanity(or lack thereof).. Oh ok, well now (meaning then), I won't do relaxers anymore, I'll just get my hair braided up and use the bonding glue.... Oh wait, why is my scalp itching and burning at the same time only days after the bonding glue has been applied??? Could it be, that I was ALLERGIC to LATEX???!!!!


If this sounds like you, you are definitely not alone.  For years and years, society has 'defined' how we should look, including our hair.  Wait a minute... isn't this my hair that I was born with?  So how could it possibly be bad?

For years, I had NO clue of what my natural curl pattern was, or even if a comb would be able to withstand my 'natural mane of glory (lol)'.  

For years, I was misled. Now, I am not.

By now, if you haven't seen "Good Hair", featured by Chris Rock, you have missed a lot of the Natural Hair Movement.  

Being a natural hair care stylist, I have heard and seen countless stories of women of color who have lost most or all of their hair due to relentless relaxers and bonding glue weaves.  Some of them have regained some or most of their hair- and some have lost it for good.

I spoken to some women who won't- not can't- but Won't let go of the 'creamy crack'.... Some women are natural... underneath their wigs- only to thin out the perimeter of their hairlines due to a want to hold on to a hair texture that was never theirs......


The key words here are acceptance, embracement, and self-love.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Does a relaxed hair look define You?

2)Do you know what your true curl pattern/hair texture is without ANY curl pattern altering chemicals added?

3)Would you consider going natural? Why or why not?

I'd love to hear from you!!!!

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