Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks are a beautiful adornment to natural hair.  The Sisterlocks System was invented by Dr. Joanne Cornwell, and this hair locking technique has been used around the world for close to 30 years.  The Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks style is a technique where your natural hair is locked in such a way that you can style your hair in any form such as flat iron, color, braid, bantu knot, rod set, flat twists, or just plain natural!!!      As a natural hair care stylist, I have seen many different "versions" of sisterlocks, and all have not been genuine!! If you're thinking about getting Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks, or, if you've gotten "sisterlock-like/brotherlock-like" services, the following are steps you need to take to guarantee that your time and money is not wasted or taken:
    A.  Go to the sisterlocks registry at to verify if the Sisterlocks Home Office has the alleged stylist in their database as a Registered Trainee or Consultant. The people who are registered on the database have paid for and attended and received the intense training and testing necessary to formally be recognized as a Sisterlocks practitioner by the Sisterlocks Headquarters.
    B. Consultation: You should receive a consultation with test locks. Your Sisterlocks Practitioner should be able to do many things during the consultation which include- showing Dr. Cornwell's videos, giving test locks, and scheduling your installation date (approximately 10 days from the consultation).
        C.  On the day of the Sisterlocks installation you should receive: 1)Your Sisterlocks welcome box 2) Instructions on how to shampoo your sisterlocks and 3)Your retightening date- which should be free of charge.

You should also be vigilant in observing the hygiene and surroundings of your Sisterlocks Practitioner.  If you are not comfortable with the surroundings, please indicate this to your practitioner, or, find another practitioner.The size of your sisterlocks will NOT be the size of interlocks or traditional locks.  Also, your sisterlocks are unique in the way that they are placed on the hair.  If your "sisterlocks" are about the size of your thumb, you don't have sisterlocks. Your parts should not be diagonal and your locks should be small enough to style on the FIRST day of installation.

Your sisterlocks maintenance should be within 5 to 8 weeks- no longer.  Any time after the 8 weeks places you at risk of losing locks, and paying more to have the locks maintenanced.  

Good luck on your journey!!! Of course, if you are in the Houston, TX area, and need help with these services, please stop by or call Tan's Natural Hair Care.